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Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects cells�including those in the brain and nerves�and their DNA from damage and mutation. It elevates the body's master protective antioxidant of the body called glutathione.

Vitamin C is needed to create the enzyme that transports the amino acidtyrosine for conversion into the neurotransmitter dopamine. That is why it is also essential for good mood, focus and cognitive function.

Vitamin C is important for cardiovascular health. It forms part of the "cement" that keeps the walls of blood vessels smooth and healthy, preventing cracks and plaque deposits.

Among its many other benefits, vitamin C is a key nutrient for good vision and eye health. Healthy eyes have among the highest concentrations of vitamin C of any organ in the body.

The human body cannot make its own vitamin C (unlike most animals). This is why we need to get it from what we eat. But most foods do not have enough�even an orange has only about 50 mg. To get any meaningful amount for your health, choose a supplement with vitamin C. NutrinaDirect has several for you to choose from!

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<b> Athlete </b> Formula 30 Packets <b> Calmac Original </b> 5 oz. <b>Calmac Lemon</b> 5 oz.
Athlete Formula 30 Packets
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Calmac Original 5 oz.
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Calmac Lemon 5 oz.
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<b>CalMac Melatonin</b> 5 oz. <b>Calmac Sport</b> 5 oz. <b>Calmag Anti-Stress Formula</b> 5.5 oz.
CalMac Melatonin 5 oz.
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Calmac Sport 5 oz.
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<b>Daily Fitness</b> Formula 30 Packets <b>Sniffless</b> 140 Capsules <b>SuperMag</b> Powder 7 oz.
Sniffless 140 Capsules
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SuperMag Powder 7 oz.
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<b>Vitamin C 1,000 MG</b> 300 Capsules <b>Vitamin C 1,000 MG</b> 60 Capsules <b>Vitamin C 500 MG</b> 100 Capsules
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