Welcome to the new NutrinaDirect.com website!

You will see many changes in this new site, all with the purpose of making it easier and faster for you to order and receive our high quality vitamins, minerals and other supplements.

In our constant effort to improve service and efficiency, we have simplified our order taking process and increased our ability to provide you new and exciting offers and promotions so you are sure to get great value when you visit our site.

As a customer of Nutrina Direct, you are no doubt aware of the many steps we take to ensure our nutritional supplements are the highest quality available. We accomplish this by having a very stringent quality control department that tests every new ingredient to ensure it meets our high standards. You would be surprised at the amount of raw material we return to suppliers because they are not up to our standards of purity and quality. All this to ensure you have the nutritional supplements you need to keep your body in the best possible condition.

As a valued customer, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

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